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Falcon Boats USA – Semi-custom Catamarans

About Falcon Boats

With decades of experience in composite design, tooling, manufacturing, and naval architecture, the Falcon team in 2019 decided it was time to build and brand our own line of unique power catamarans.

From years of experience in repairing, running, and building other brands of boats, the Falcon team knew they could develop a superior product.  We have developed layouts, features, and improved manufacturing technology that result in a build quality that sets Falcon Boats apart. People who really use their boats will appreciate the difference!

VACUUM INFUSION BENEFITS: Controlling costs during the build process without compromising the integrity, utilizing state-of-the-art composites, infusing the build of each hull, deck, and components throughout the entire build.  A significantly stronger assembly versus heavy hand lamination.

Falcon 22 Offshore – F22

The unique symmetric/asymmetric hull configuration developed by Morrelli and Melvin provides the smoothest ride in waves and chop.  It resists stuffing in following seas, lands soft in the big stuff, and resists sneezing. The Falcon 22 Offshore is a super-dry ride and a great performer.  The deck layout and accessibility are well thought-out, providing more usable space than any other boat in its size and class.  The Falcon 22 size, handling, and draft mean it is equally at home in inland waterways and backwater as it is heading offshore.  All our Falcons are built semi-custom and fit with features and equipment to match how each customer boats.  Whether you want to fish anywhere, just cruise with your family, or anything in between, the Falcon 22 can handle it all.

Falcon Bay 22 – Bay22

The Falcon Bay pedigree is a proven hull that was modified to perform with a single engine.  In early 2022 Falcon updated the deck, raising it and adding self-bailing capability and additional storage accessibility with integral nonskid protection.  With the Falcon Bay’s shallow draft, performance, layout and stability, it is the perfect in- and near-shore fishing machine.  The Bay can provide you with more days on the water because of the way it handles rough conditions, and even though you may not plan to be out on bad days, it will not beat you up if the weather does turn rough and you have to get home.

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